Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

Let’s look at some fun games to play with your dog. There are a number of indoor and outdoor games you can play with your dog to keep it entertained and focused.   FIND IT! Is a game your dog can play in the house or outside. Regardless of whether it’s hot out, raining, snow on the ground, or if you need a few minutes

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How to Get Your Dog to Come When You Call?

Let’s look at how to get your dog to come when you call him. Most of us have an image of the dog on a tv show that immediately comes racing off from whatever he’s doing to come to the star of the show as soon as he’s called. What we often forget about is that these dogs have had hours and hours of training

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Is a Nip a Bite or Just My Dog Being Playful?

Is a nip a bite? Actually, yes it is. However, there are some factors to keep in mind. When a dog is a puppy they’ll sometimes put their mouth on a finger and slowly, and rather gently “nibble” on it, (“mouthing”). Many people don’t mind that, but it shouldn’t be encouraged. A dog needs to know that no human body part is for chewing on

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Bored Dogs

Is Your Dog Bored or Driving You Crazy? Here are 3 Easy Things to Do

Dogs show boredom in different ways. Similarly to humans, he or she may sleep more than usual and seem lethargic. On the other hand, they may act exactly opposite that description and pester everyone, possibly get destructive, or become very demanding. Your dog may start whining or become pushy. In either scenario, physical exercise is one thing that is …

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