How to Help Your Reactive, (or Aggressive), Dog

You’re walking your dog and he goes ballistic when he sees a person, or dog, coming toward the two of you. Depending on how much of a problem this poses for your dog, he may start to bark, lunge, or shriek when that person, or dog, is “only” thirty feet away. On the other hand, he may launch when they’re all the way at the

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Dog Training: Private Lessons or Group Classes?

Concerning dog training, the question of taking private lessons or group classes is a big concern in the minds of dog owners. There are advantages to both for your puppy or mature dog.       The Advantages of Private Lessons for Your Dog With private lessons you get “one-on-one” coaching. The entire session is dedicated to you and your dog, and is tailored to

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How to Housebreak, Housetrain, or Potty Train a Dog

People are always asking me how to housebreak, housetrain, or potty train a dog. (Yes! They All Mean the Same Thing!) If I had a magic wand to potty train a dog, I would be very rich. However, I can help you get your dog to learn what to do, so here’s a basic guide to potty training. Follow it and you will have success.

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Crate Training Your Dog – Part I

Lets look at selecting the right crate for crate training your dog. A crate is either a metal enclosure or one that’s part heavy duty plastic with air vents and a front door. For all dogs it is supposed to be a safe haven for your dog. It should be sized according to the size of your dog. For puppies, it can be larger than the

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Crate Training Your Dog – Part II

A crate is a great option to use when you have a dog. They can be all metal, they can be mostly plastic with a metal gate and some metal vents on the sides, or made of fabric on a collapsible but strong frame. The heavy-duty plastic ones are usually the type required by airlines when transporting dogs. Any age dog can be left in

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