Separation Anxiety

When you are preparing to go food shopping, to meet friends, go to work or just take a quick walk to your mailbox does your dog start “acting up”?  When you come home is your dog so excited to see you that you don’t see all the damage that he’s done until after you greet “Mr. Enthusiasm”?  Couch shredded? Blinds pulled down?  Rug chewed apart? 

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Is Your Dog a Puller?

When you got your dog did you have visions of taking him or her for nice walks in the park?  Did you see yourself walking your dog in the neighborhood and stopping to say “hi” to a friend?  Did you picture walks where your pet has great manners and can pass other people and dogs without everyone worrying that it was going to attack them? 

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A Quick Guide to Succeeding with Your Dog

Usually most people get a dog so that they will have a companion to share enjoyable time with.  They don’t get a dog so that every day will bring challenges, and their life with their new “family member” seems like work, work, work.  To make life easier for all of you, I’ve offered you ten basic pieces facts that will help you if you use

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Having Company For The Holidays?

Need a quick checklist to help your dog, when friends and relatives come over? Friends and relatives coming over for a holiday bash?  Company about to sleep over? This check list will help things go smoothly for you and your pet. A little bit of preparation and a few hints should provide a happy time for all. Exercise your dog prior to company coming. Follow

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