Separation Anxiety

When you are preparing to go food shopping, to meet friends, go to work or just take a quick walk to your mailbox does your dog start “acting up”?  When you come home is your dog so excited to see you that you don’t see all the damage that he’s done until after you greet “Mr. Enthusiasm”?  Couch shredded? Blinds pulled down?  Rug chewed apart?  Crate turned on its side or is the crate bottom all wet and some of the bars bent?  Has your dog escaped from the crate while you were out?  These are all signs of Separation Anxiety.  These are some of the behaviors of a dog who has become so frightened with your leaving that he would do any of those things to try to be with you.  He was not misbehaving and he was not “angry” that you had left the house.  It’s time to get help for you and your dog who is really suffering from Separation Anxiety.  Call me, Sheila Lobel of Good As Gold K9 Dog Training. I can give you the help needed so that your house won’t be destroyed and your dog won’t suffer when you gone.  I’ll come to your house, meet you and your dog and start immediately to help you both out. No force used.  

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