Help! My Dog is Jumping on Visitors

Lucky you!  Your dog is very social and loves visitors!  He can’t wait to show them all that love and he seems to think that the higher he jumps to greet them the more they’ll know how much he loves them.  NOT!  To change this behavior we yell “NO”.  We pull the dog off.  We lock him in another room or put him in a crate.  These solutions don’t work as you well know because if we continue to let him greet guests without learning the proper way to say “hi” he continues to be inappropriate.  It’s not a situation where the dog knows that when you say “NO!” he should immediately calm down and sit or stand politely. He’s really not ignoring you but he needs someone to show him how to behave.  There is help available!  Give me a call:  Sheila Lobel, (Good As Gold K9 Dog Training).  Describe what’s happening and let’s make an appointment for me to come to your house and start turning this situation around.  Let me help you and your dog!  He’ll still get to say hello to your guests but he won’t be knocking them over, tearing their clothing, nor making it embarrassing for you.

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