Is Your Dog a Puller?

When you got your dog did you have visions of taking him or her for nice walks in the park?  Did you see yourself walking your dog in the neighborhood and stopping to say “hi” to a friend?  Did you picture walks where your pet has great manners and can pass other people and dogs without everyone worrying that it was going to attack them?  Are you being dragged by your dog?  Are you afraid that your dog will choke because he’s pulling so much that he’s getting strangled by his collar? Have you been pulled so hard that you fell and injured yourself while you were holding on for dear life since your dog acts as if he’s on steroids while he goes after every squirrel?  There really is help for all of these situations!  Call me.  Sheila Lobel, Good As Gold K9 Dog Training servicing central New Jersey and nearby parts of Pennsylvania.  No punishment, no metal collars, no screaming or yanking.  Make an appointment for me to come to your house and get help so that you can enjoy walking your dog!

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