Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

Let’s look at some fun games to play with your dog. There are a number of indoor and outdoor games you can play with your dog to keep it entertained and focused.


FIND IT! Is a game your dog can play in the house or outside. Regardless of whether it’s hot out, raining, snow on the ground, or if you need a few minutes to yourself, your dog will love this and stay busy for a while.


Inside: Put your dog in a crate or in another room and hide really special treats on the floor throughout all the rooms that he’s allowed into. Don’t put them under furniture. Bring your dog to a starting point. Touch the treat and say “Find It!” and let your dog pick it up. Take him to two or three more treats, praise him and then say


“Find It!” and off he goes on a search. When dogs use their noses to locate something, and are thinking that there must be more, it’s mental exercise. The dog loves it and you will, too. Remember to act like your dog’s cheerleader when you start.


Outside: Take your dog outside on a leash, and in a treat bag or baggie take at least 30 treats. Empty into your hand and put your hand with the treats under the dog’s nose. Say “Find It!” and toss the treats within a 15’ area.


Fenced area: Let your dog off leash


Invisible fenced area: Don’t toss the treats toward the invisible fence. Instead toss them toward the house.


No fencing? Buy a 20” long line, (a leash longer than the standard size). Hook your dog up to it before the toss. “Say Find It” and roll them toward the house. Be sure the toss is not further than the leash can reach! *All treats should be tossed out underhand so the dog can get the scent.

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