Is Your Dog Barking, Biting, Pulling, Jumping, Destroying or has Separation Anxiety?

Sheila Lobel Offers Effective Dog Training Solutions

Are these familiar?


Are these annoying?

Selective Listening
Counter Surfing
Won’t come

Are these exhausting?

Won’t move
Angel becomes Kujo

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It’s time to get help for your dog! 

Is your dog Barking, Biting, Pulling or Jumping?  Is your dog suffering from Separation Anxiety and making it difficult for you to leave your house?  Is your dog pulling on walks so much that you wish three people would be helping you hold on to the leash?  Is your dog so reactive that people whisk their dogs off the street when they see you coming? 


We speak English but they speak “Dog”.  Good As Gold K9 Dog Training will translate for you so that your dog understands and complies using humane methods and we’ll show you how to do it too. No “corrections”! No force!  No yelling or repeating!


Call Sheila Lobel, explain your issues and book an appointment with an expert.  You’ll get your private one on one coaching starting in your home from a trainer who gets results without coercion and without giving the dog pain.  Your dog will learn quickly and happily.  You will be thrilled!  You will love to be with your transformed pet.

New Dog?

Give Your Dog a great start in their new home

Do you need help with a new puppy or did you just adopt a rescue and need help giving them a great start in their new home.  Did you already teach your dog basics but would now like him or her to be able to use those skills on walks, in a park or with visitors?  Would you like your pet to respond to you instead of using selective listening?  Good As Gold K9 Dog Training can help you with “all things dog”.  That means not just problems!


How does Sheila do it?  She listens to you.  She hears what your goals are with your dog.  She comes to your house, meets with you and your pet and possibly with your family too.  She starts to learn the dog’s body language and teaches you how to read it.  She gets the dog to respond to requests without yelling and without correcting.  You learn how to do it to, and “Voila”  you have a new star!

Helping dogs of all ages with basic behaviors that can make them a joy to be with.

About Sheila

Sheila Lobel is a nationally certified dog trainer with over 20 years of experience.

She can help you with your dog!  She can give your adorable puppy a wonderful start, give rescues a great boost for their new home, help dogs of all ages with basic behaviors that can make them a joy to be with, and can help with other dogs with very difficult behavior problems.  (Has your dog been “expelled” from training school?  What a shame!  Sheila can help.) Good As Gold K9 Dog Training is centrally located in New Jersey, covering most of Monmouth, Mercer, Burlington Counties and beyond, including parts of Pennsylvania.

Happy Clients

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Marlie. I feel confident that she and I can now live in the same house! All you have taught me has helped a great deal. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. If I come to any difficulties in the future I will contact you. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you again.”
— Maria S.
“Sheila Lobel is a miracle worker for dog owners! Her ability to get a dog’s attention is amazing, and her reward techniques are an invaluable tool for training. Before she came to my rescue I was frustrated with my young border collie’s behavior towards others. Sheila helped me find a way to get his attention, keep it, and avoid issues with aggression towards new people. I now can recognize signs of trouble coming, and I have the tools I need to deal with them and avoid dangerous situations with my dogs.”
— Mary W.
“Sheila is an awesome dog trainer!! I was totally frustrated & at my wits end before I found Sheila. She helped me train my “out of control dog” (Petie). Sheila is an “excellent trainer”. She is very knowledgeable, very patient, and was ALWAYS there to answer additional questions that came up. I have seen so much improvement in my dog since our training began. I can’t say enough about my positive experience with Sheila. I would recommend her in a flash. Thanks to her I have a ‘new beginning’ with my dog Petie!”
– Carolyn W.